Student Lectures Teacher

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A high school student lectures a teacher on how it's DONE.
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I think this kid is genius! I hear teachers ALL the time complain to their students that they don't get paid enough to sit there and TEACH them their future. If you don't like it, you shouldn't stay in the field. Don't complain to us, the students, because your life isn't going as planned and you aren't rolling in dough like you THOUGHT you would be when you were in college yourself. You're the only person that can change your life and when you're preventing me from living mine, it pisses me off. Good riddance!


What an incredible video!! he is right. Teachers don't take teaching seriously now a days!! we have to touch a Childs hear! and every learns in different ways! This student was very well spoken, and respectfully let his feelings known! parents should be very proud!! GOOD FOR HIM!!!!

@ tatiana

Not all teachers!!! There are amazing teachers out there that do care about their job and each of their students!! Please do not put all teachers in one category!!

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