Student Lectures Teacher

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A high school student lectures a teacher on how it's DONE.
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tell him to get a hairccut


I, as an educator, support this student. What the teacher has failed to do is awaken the intrinsic motivation for this individual to learn. Not only has the teacher failed in being a "teacher," but she also failed in being a facilitator of self education which should be driven by an intrinsic motivation to learn. The student did not have any his aptitudes challenged, nor recognized and that is the fault of the teacher, whom should know better. This is the future of our country, packets will not teach them, passion and understanding of deep subject matter and critical thinking will. This cannot be done without a strong leader. Read a book, to the author....that can be something else entirely. Stop demeaning this kid, he is "the change his wishes to see in the world" and though he could have made a stronger choice in how he verbally emphasized his opinion, he, in a beautiful utterly correct. -A Teacher.


He should respect his teacher. What he did was quite disrespectful. There are other ways to handle such situations. If he really wanted to learn he would read the packets and try to apply and understand that knowledge during class by participating and asking questions. You can't blame teachers for needing jails for dumb ass kids. That was a stupid comment

@ Brett

-Bret, reading a packet is not teaching the best thing it can be compared to is researching or self development. When people only goto to work to get a paycheck thats the wrong answer that means your doing the job for the wrong reasons.... in certain situations. I am in the army and i dont goto work just to make money i have mens lives under my actions and decisions. that kid has more sense then i have seen in a time... and for respecting the teacher part he did until the end. but she was disrespecting him the entire time by just telling him to leave, maybe it was that monthly eruption but maybe she was just a bitch to begin with.


Yes. I really agree with him. U need to respect this Job and help these kids learn. They are building jails because they know that these kids are gonna fail. We need to prove them wrong by helping these kids LEARN, PLEASE!




This is the problem with our society. Students that disrespect teachers! Are there poor teachers out there, yes. However that does not make it right to disrespect an adult!! Go to the principal or whoever you need to complain!! Just as teachers should discuss issues in private with students, so should this young man. Our society always likes to blame it on the teacher!! Those of you that think this man is justified for what he did, should spend one day in the classroom before you judge!!!!!

@ Dawn Alef

No, the kids are not the problem. Their are poor teachers but they need to help kids learn. They are not that poor that they can't stop for 8 hours an teach kids. My kid is only 11 and gets 6 pages on 4
Packets and have to return it by the next day. The work is 7th grade. I caught her with a rope in the ceiling and a stool, can u think what she would've done if I were too late??

@ Camille

I have spent many "days" in the classroom, and while the young man should have handled the situation differently, it does not give the teacher the right to lack passion in her job. As a school improvement coach, I have traveled all around the country and seen teachers 'only give packets.' On the flip side of things, I have seen students hunger for learning. The student is not right in the way he handled it, but if the teacher lacks passion for the job, then she should leave! Especially if she uses profanity to speak to her students. I do not know the teacher's background, what she has been through, or the type of students she is accustom to dealing, but the children are our future, and to actually see a student stand up for his education, in the wrong way mind you, is refreshing, and gives us hope that our country's future may be secure. Furthermore, the teacher is only one part of the equation. There has to be an active call for the community and parents to be present, and maybe these things would not happen.Those of you who have spent 'one day' in the classroom know how disinterested students are, so we as teachers need to step our game up! Remember, if all of the students in the class are failing, it is not the students that we need to evaluate, but the teacher is the one that needs to reorganize his/her priorities, but if the teacher cannot receive support from parents or from the community, then her hands are tied.


This kid is awesome! He stood up and told that teacher. All she was interested in was telling him to leave cuz she didnt want to hear it. Kidos to him!

Candice hanscel cleavenger

OMG, can I just say how amazing that kid is,how awesome Is that... can hardly contain myself, You can obviously see that teacher doesn't give a crap about teaching.. I hope this kid makes a future out his knowledge and becomes a teacher himself..




I compliment the young man for standing up for his education. Today's teachers can fall into the trap of not caring about their jobs for many reasons, however, sometimes the kids do need to stand up for what they want, to learn and be taught more than just read.
All she was interested in doing was to throw him out. Yes, I believe we need to look into this classroom a little closer.

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