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Did Steven Tyler completely butcher our national anthem? Listen to his version here, prior to the 2012 AFC Championship game.

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Steven did great job,,he is,,,and always will be AEROSMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think he did great. So what if he crossed up an "and" or "the". It makes it personal and that's what counts.


Just found this and was wondering what the story was all aabout. His performance was perfectly Steven. I liked it. Did folks think he was going to sing differently than he does every other day of the year? Really?


Too many Tyler fans here. Look, I'm no purest, nor am I an Aerosmith basher; However, the proper lyric is: "The bombs bursting in air", NOT "As bomb bursting in air", as Steven sung. Also, given Tyler's penchant for screaming and such when he can't quite reach a note, in my opinion, the national anthem does not call for that, really. For people with perfect pitch like myself, Steven does NOT quite hit the notes accurately several times, and his timbre is terribly weak as he struggles to reach some of those notes. While that is great for rock 'n' roll, it does not cut it for our National Anthem, in my opinion. Overall, I'd say he did an okay job for an old geezer who has blown many a brain cell and vocal cord during his drug-fueled days. At least he is still alive and performing and thrilling fans, which is more than can be said for many of his peers who didn't even make it to 64. Just my two cents, flame on.


SERIOUSLY!??? I searched the interwebs looking for some crazy National Anthem destruction...and this is what the story is about? It was perfectly Steven Tyler...i thought it was a perfect anthem. I don't understand.


Awesome! I thought he was great as always!! I loved it!!!


We love you in Canada Steven. You hit all the notes and rocked it! On my birthday the coolest gift was that I heard your single on the radio for the first time. Love you Steven!


Great job. One of the hardest songs to sing.


Steven Tyler is and always been number one, keep up the great work AMERICA LOVESG YOU. And so do I.


Ok...So the National Anthem Sung By Steven Tyler last night...I didn't get to see it last night...but have heard all the Rage about it..So I took a listen...
So In His true Steven Tyler voice in which he sang in, I thought it was Just how I thought he would do it! AWESOME! I mean How did these people think he would do it? OPERATIC???? He did the song with Grace and staying true to his Steven Style..I mean come on America just because you dont sing it" OPERA " Style Each Year doesn't mean that It wasn't Heartfelt...or Respectful...IMO....Good Job Steven!!!!

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