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Talk about disturbing. In this video, Steven Cintron threatens Justin Bieber and refers to Jasmine Villegas as "my bitch."

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No one told jasmine villegas to start trouble with steven cintron. The judge in la is stupid her a restraining order against him. She has no one to blame but herself. I think he should of killed her.


I was a jasminator. What she did to steven was wrong. I saw her with my own eyes. So what if he wants to kill her. She asked for this and she.deserve it. Just because I was a jasminator does not mean that I am going to stick up for her when she is wrong.


Steven is my boyfriend. Jasmine villegas started trouble with my boyfriend. He should of killed her . I am a witness. Jasmine villegas is a sneak and a liar. She is not a victim. She was wrong for what she did to steven.


he has some seriouse issues no one would ever be with him unless there blind and cant buy glasses its a good thing she put a restrainin order on him.....

@ non of ur business

If you want more witness to this story go to the justin bieber shrine type steven wants to kill jasmine. jasmine villegas was wrong. She knew what she did. She lies. Make up stories but I know the truth I am a enwitness.

@ non of ur business

There is nothing wrong with steven. Jasmime villegas is stupid for what she did to him. She is a bitch. Blame ber. Sne deserve to be raped and killed.

@ non of ur business

Steven is my friend. This is jasmine villegas fault. She was the one who started this. She got what she deserve. I hope he rapes her and kills her oneday.

@ non of ur business

One more thing. He does not care about the restraining orders. If he wants to kill her he will kill her. He let her live

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