Steubenville High School Students Joke About Rape (Leaked)

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Steubenville High School students joke about rape in this viral video hacked and leaked by Anonymous.
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I hope they were under the influence of something. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt like vomiting. Unbelievable.


disrespectful punks joking about raping a girl who was uncontious


These guys need raping in prison.

@ jeb

Thay bring out the worst in my humanity. I want them to feel exactly what they did or allowed to happen to this young women ! May they have it over and over again in Prison where I hope they rot and can never again have the opportunity to submit another person to what happned here. The cowards that allowed this to happen and didn;t stop it or at least call the police that would have, are not needed or welcome in our society. Good riddance to the whole sad sorry bunch.If your not sure boys, you best hope your personal info does'nt go viral as well and some angry brothers/fathers/grandfathers/sisters/mothers ect..that are left in fear for one of thier young girls in thier families ever come across unknowingly, Socialpaths like the ones in this video .



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