Wanna roast a few chestnuts with Justin Bieber and Usher? Watch them perform here on The Today Show.
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Usher treats fans to a medley of hits in this video. It's from the 2012 American Music Awards.
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Usher is sticking up for Justin Bieber. He does not believe his protege is a racist.
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Usher is ready for "More." Sit back and enjoy the latest music video from this hip hop star.
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Usher Tweeted a link to this "Happy Birthday" remix, in honor of Justin Bieber turning 17. Dance out to it now!
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Listen now to "Climax," the first single off Usher's 2012 album. What do you think of the track?
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Superstar coach Usher performs his latest single, "Twisted." The man is an incredible performer and The Voice is lucky to have him!
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The coaches kick off the final night of artist performances by teaming up on "With a Little Help from My Friends."
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Usher is one of the most talented artists of his generation. Seriously, have you see the man dance?!? This awesome-bodied star is the... More »
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As an African-American, to be there for my child is so important when there are so many young African-American kids without their fathers. I just want him to grow up to be as wise as he can possibly be, kind and open hearted. [Fatherhood] changes everything about me.


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