Tori Spelling is now endorsing psychic network. That sound you hear is the last gasp of her career.
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Tori Spelling's mother, Candy confirmed with TMZ that she's been helping her financially-strapped daughter out by paying the bills. Candy, however, is not paying for anything other than Tori's home and her kids' schooling.
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Mary Jo Eustace believes Dean McDermott never actually cheated on Tori Spelling, but instead made the affair up in order to score reality show ratings. Watch her explain her theory in a recent interview.
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Is there really a Tori Spelling sex tape? And would anyone really buy the thing?
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As Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott try to move past his cheating scandal in True Tori Season 2, Tori pays a visit to Dean's ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace in this sneak peek.
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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are going to be on a new reality show. Raise your hand if you're surprised.
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Tori Spelling's husband is back in the house after his rehab stint, which reportedly stemmed from his cheating scandal.
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Nothing was going to stop Christmas at Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's house, not even cheating allegations.
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Tori and Dean suffer through a therapy session. Some believe they're faking their marital problems for the camera.
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On the premiere of True Tori, Tori Spelling visited her estranged husband, Dean McDermott, in rehab, where he was seeking help for depression, alcoholism and sex addiction.
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Dean McDermott has checked into rehab. We hope he gets some help in there.
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Well... this is awkward. Watch Dean McDermott NOT gush over his sex life with Tori Spelling in a clip from Tru Tori.
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Tori Spelling Baby
Tori Spelling is a bad actress that's desperate for attention. She annoys us by how she tries to stay in the news. Spelling is knocked up... More »
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Tori Spelling

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She was a star and a true lady, and she will be missed greatly. People everywhere knew her by name. I loved when fans wanted her over me. I felt proud!

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I've always wanted a little girl since I'm such a girly girly. I immediately started crying. I couldn't believe it. I have my beautiful little boy and now I'll have my little girl! It's amazing.

Tori Spelling