At his first press conference as a member of the New York Jets, Tim Tebow talks about what it means to him to be a part of that fine organization.
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St. Elmo's Fire was so 1985. John Parr has updated his classic rock hit with new lyrics, making it Tim Tebow's Fire!!
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A remixed song extolling the virtues and paying tribute to the greatness of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. BOW DOWN!
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Tim Tebow and the Broncos have advanced in the AFC playoffs. Watch the game-winning throw they used to knock off the Steelers here.
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Tim Tebow represents T Mobile in this Super Bowl commercial. Watch now!
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This Saturday Night Live skit about NFL star Tim Tebow has been criticized by some Christian leaders. Watch it and it's pretty clear why.
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Tim Tebow running in the rain, shirtless and in slow-motion. You are welcome, readers. Very welcome.
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A tribute song created for Denver QB Tim Tebow, entitled "Super Fans." What a stud this guy is.
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