You've heard what he said. Now this is a remix of what Tiger Woods was really thinking during his apology the other day...
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A slowed-down version of the voicemail Tiger Woods left for Jaimee Grubbs. Set to some seductive beats.
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Earl Woods and Tiger Woods star in a new commercial for Nike. It's Tiger's first since, well, you know.
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A Christmas song parody featuring the incomparable Tiger Woods. He's got some issues these days ... namely nailing lots of mistresses.
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Tiger Woods is not exactly holding back how he feels about his game. So much for having more respect for the game.
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Tiger Woods' apology speech remixed with other famous mea culpas. David Letterman, Kobe Bryant, Eliot Spitzer and Mark Sanford guest star.
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Christian Bale goes off on Tiger Woods in this spoof on the golfer's new Nike commercial. Hilarious stuff.
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How's this for ironic. Tiger Woods extolling the virtues of family life just weeks before the greatest sex scandal in human history erupted.
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As Tiger Woods was cruising to his 79th career PGA title at Bridgeston Invitational, a squirrel ran across the 13th hole.
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I am Tiger Woods. And I do ... well, you gotta watch and see.
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Tiger Woods tells Jaimee Grubbs, supposedly, that his wife is on to their affair. Do you believe it? It sure sounds real!
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The newest Tiger Woods mistress was revealed on the Tonight Show last night. You're never going to believe who the horn-dog golfer is pursuing next.
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