Teresa Giudice book sales are not what you would call good.
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Teresa Giudice is facing new fraud charges. Learn about them here in detail.
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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe have had their sentencing pushed back due to Joe's father passing away.
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Andy Cohen tries to hold back Teresa Giudice as the latter flips out on the reunion special. What a great, nauseating clip. It's a must-watch!
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Teresa Giudice and her husband have been charged with fraud. She could face up to 50 years behind bars. Learn more about it here.
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Lisa Kudrow dissed Teresa Giudice during a recent interview with Andy Cohen. The Friends actress has no sympathy for the troubled reality star.
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Teresa Giudice is about to strike a plea deal, apparently. Here's the latest on it.
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Bethenny Frankel does not feel sorry for Teresa Giudice. Watch this video for the former's reaction to the latter's legal woes.
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Joanna Krupa and Lea Black discuss Teresa Giudice in this video. How do they feel about her publicized legal woes?
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Anderson Cooper makes a great point to Teresa Giudice: you are not 12 years old! Grow up!
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Teresa Giudice says she's looking out for her girls. Protecting them ... by pleading guilty to fraud.
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Bethenny Frankel is not what you would describe as sympathetic toward Teresa Giudice.
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