Ted Williams sent a message to America before heading off to rehab: I'll be back! Don't forget me!
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Ted Williams is an Internet and nationwide sensation. Check out his interview with The Early Show in the video above.
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This is amazing. Listen to the voice of Ted Williams, a homeless man who has been offered a number of job opportunities following this video hitting the Internet.
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Ted Williams was begging for money one day. The next, he was talking to Matt Lauer on The Today Show. Amazing.
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Ted Williams introduces The Today Show in this video. He's been hired to do voiceover work by NBC.
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It didn't take long for Ted Williams to find work. He does the voiceover work in this Kraft commercial.
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In these clips, Ted Williams and his daughter hurl accusations back and forth. It's a disturbing portrait of a man America has grown to love.
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There's a reason why Ted Williams left rehab. We'll let the former homeless man tell you himself. Watch now.
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Ted Williams is an incredible story. He's a homeless man from Ohio who was discovered on the street and earned instant fame due to his... More »
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