Taylor Swift is ready for the spotlight again! The singer announced that she'll be returning to the stage in Austin this weekend.
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Taylor Swift was spotted crying in the crowd at last night's Grammy Awards. Was she upset about her imperfect performance?
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Tom Hiddleston was asked questions by an Australian reporter about Taylor Swift, which he politely avoided as he went out for a morning run. Is he annoyed by all the unwanted attention.
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It's here! Following weeks of hype, Taylor Swift has come out with the official music video for "Bad Blood." The footage features a number of big-time celebrities, including Selena Gomez and others. Check it out now!
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Serena Williams hung out with Taylor Swift and her squad in New York on October 13th. This new edition has fans everywhere green with envy.
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It's Justin Timberlake!!!! Watch the artist duet in Los Angeles with Justin Timberlake. Amazing!
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Chrissy Teigen went on 'Watch What Happens Live' last night, and admitted to Andy Cohen and fellow guest Kristen Chenoweth that the twitter war between Kanye West and Taylor Swift was not over. "This is being waged," Teigen told them.
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Has Taylor Swift come out with a new song? And video?!? Give the rumored single a listen RIGHT HERE AND NOW.
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Taylor Swift as Kate Gosselin? That's a recipe for hilarity. Watch this Saturday Night Live skit.
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Taylor Swift hosted Saturday Night Live on11/7/09 and referenced Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Kanye West in her hilarious, singing monologue.
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This was very nice of Beyonce. When she won the award for Best Video at the MTV VMAs, she invited Taylor Swift on stage to share in the glory because Kanye West humiliated her earlier in the evening.
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During an April 2010 concert, Taylor Swift and her fans received a great surprise on stage: Katy Perry came out to sing!
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