Taylor Swift performed her smash hit "Style" in London this week. Take a look at the famous faces her joined her on stage for it.
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Taylor Swift debuted a new track of "1989" at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. What do you think of "Style?" Listen and react now.
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Taylor Swift appears here on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Check out their Jumbotron-based dance routine now!
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Welcome to New York, folks. This is Taylor Swift's new song off the album "1989." Give it a listen and react now!
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Taylor Swift had quite the surprise in store for fans in Philadelphia on Friday night: Hey, isn't that Mariska Hargitay and Cara Delevingne?!?
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This is not nearly as racy as the title above suggests. But Taylor Swift's dress did fly up during a summer concert, as seen here.
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A bunch of shirtless studs have parodied the Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" music video. And they've done so with an actual cause in mind.
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Taylor Swift speaks to ITV in this interview segment. She says she wants to have kids in 10 years and that she admires Angelina Jolie.
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Taylor Swift is the next big thing in country music. She hails from Pennsylvania and has a younger brother named Austin. Personally,... More »
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I saw that documentary on Britney Spears, and I feel bad for her—she can't leave her house!

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I think it's kind of fun to call out your ex-boyfriends. Like why do this if you're not gonna take the opportunity to always have the last word. It's so much fun.

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