This is the most handsome Saturday Night Live promo of our time. It features Taylor Lautner, who hosts the 12/12/09 installment of the show.
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Taylor Lautner talks about his role as Jacob at Comic-Con 2011 in this video. Watch it now!
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Enjoy this photo shoot, ladies. In it, Twilight star Taylor Lautner is shirtless and gorgeous.
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In this video, Taylor Lautner speaks to Interview Magazine. He opens up about a number of topics, such as gaining weight for his role in New Moon.
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Taylor Lautner speaks here at a press conference to promote Eclipse. Among the topics the young, cute actor touches on: Who is cuter, himself or Robert Pattinson?
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In this interview, Taylor Lautner takes viewers behind the scenes of his Teen Vogue cover shoot. This is your chance to get to know the actor outside of his role as Jacob Black.
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We're behind the scenes with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in this video. While viewers watch Lautner film New Moon scenes, he and Kristen compare him and his character in the film, Jacob Black.
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Taylor Lautner serves as host for this New Moon trailer. He tells the audience what to expect, while scenes from the film play on screen.
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Taylor Lautner Biography

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Taylor Lautner got his huge break in Hollywood when he was cast as Jacob Black in the Twilght franchise. He also appeared on the UPN... More »
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Full Name
Taylor Daniel Lautner