Before Suge Knight was shot at 1OAK in West Hollywood, Game came to the club and he and his buddies got into an altercation with security guards there was a full-on fight.
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Suge Knight's hands are clean when it comes to Tupac Shakur's murder, this according to a woman who was very close to both men.
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Video of Suge Knight allegedly killing two men in a hit and run has emerged. The footage will be used as evidence in Knight's murder trial.
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Suge Knight is ripping his ex Stormey Rahmdan ... and you gotta see how.
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Could Tupac Shakur have faked his death? That's the claim made by hip hop mogul Suge Knight.
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Suge Knight gets shot at a club in West Hollywood on the eve of the VMAs.
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Suge Knight was shot in West Hollywood over the weekend. Here is raw footage taken after the fact.
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The aftermath of Suge Knight's shooting at 1OAK in West Hollywood, Calif., August 24, 2014.
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Mug Shot: Suge Knight
Hip hop mogul. Possibly the scariest man around. Suge's real name: Marion. Yeah. Now you know why Suge Knight is such a hard ass. He must... More »
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