Selena Gomez dances up a storm to Rihanna in this fun video. Is she drunk? Maybe. Is she having a blast? Definitely!
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Courtney Stodden is trying to start a feud with Selena Gomez. We're guessing Selena will be smart enough to not take the bait.
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Selena Gomez is seeking treatment after deciding to take time off. Gomez battles Lupus, and the side effects of the disease include depression and anxiety. Is Gomez OK?
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Justin Bieber sings the sweet romantic ballad "My Girl" in this video. And look who is sitting alongside of him as he does!
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Selena Gomez breaks down in concert in July 2016, introducing her song "Kill 'Em With Kindness." Watch and see what you think.
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Selena uses a racial slur in her new movie. The scene has left audiences baffled.
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Whoa there, Selena Gomez! The singer gets very hot and extremely heavy in her music video for "Hands to Myself."
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Selena Gomez recently liked a throwback video of her and Justin a fan posted on Instagram. Why was she so nostalgic?
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Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez engaged? We investigate these latest rumors and get to the bottom of it.
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There's been another Selena Gomez and Niall Horan sighting. You can see the singers hanging out at Santa Monica Pier in this video.
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Selena Gomez can barely hold back tears here while dedicating a song to Christina Grimmie. Watch her powerful message in concert.
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Selena Gomez sings in the dessert for her latest single, "A Year Without Rain." Check out the official music video for it now.
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Selena Gomez Biography

Selena Gomez Red Carpet Pic
Selena Gomez is a Disney Channel star. She appears on the hit show Wizards of Waverly Place and is considered by many fans to be "the... More »
New York City
Full Name
Selena Marie Gomez

Selena Gomez Quotes

I'm not going to be a solo artist. I want to be in a band with four other guys.

Selena Gomez

I'm kind of lame. I prefer quiet evenings at home, hanging out with my family.

Selena Gomez