Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici get engaged on The Bachelor. What a moment.
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Sean Lowe breaks up with Lindsay Yenter on The Bachelor season finale.
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Sean Lowe eliminates AshLee Frazier on The Bachelor. It does not go over well.
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Sean Lowe showering on The Bachelor. Hot.
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AshLee Frazier accuses Sean Lowe of lying about his feelings for the other two girls on The Bachelor in this Women Tell All clip.
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AshLee Frazier and Sean Lowe on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, rehashing what went down.
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A preview of The Bachelor finale, with the spotlight on Sean's final two women, Lindsay and Catherine.
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Sean Lowe receives an unpleasant surprise on The Bachelor hometown dates episode.
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Sean Lowe Biography

Sean Lowe Picture Sean Lowe is a competitor on The Bachelorette's eighth season. He makes it to at least the final four, if not beyond. Will he get engaged... More »
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Sean Lowe