Seth MacFarlane as Ryan Lochte in a hilarious SNL skit. Watch his interview on Weekend Update.
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Olympic champion Ryan Lochte clears up any confusion there may be about urinating in swimming pools.
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Ryan Lochte has finally admitted to really misleading the public when he claimed he was held up at gunpoint in Rio. He talks to Matt Lauer about the incident here.
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Is Ryan Lochte lying about what happened the night he claims he was robbed? If so, what is he covering up? We've got all the latest info and thories about the #LochMess.
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We've never been more proud to be an America. Check out this video of U.S. swimmers engaged in some carpool karaoke to find out why.
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Ryan Lochte is something of an Internet laughingstock these days. Check out the latest jab at the discgraced swimmer.
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Patrick Stewart stars in a Funny or Die clip about Olympic Ticket Scalping, featuring Ryan Lochte and others.
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Ryan Lochte is an Olympic champion. The swimmer defeated Michael Phelps in the 400 Individual Medley at the 2012 Summer Olympics and is... More »
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