Ron Paul addresses supporters in a speech after the New Hampshire primary. Sure feels like he won, rather than came in second from his tone!
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Ron Paul's farewell speech to Congress, November 2012. The two-time presidential candidate is retiring in January.
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Ron Paul's son and major campaign surrogate Rand Paul defended his father on CNN and called out some of his contenders for claiming he's a fringe candidate.
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Did Mitt Romney cut a deal with Ron Paul to go after Rick Santorum in exchange for a spot on the ticket? Rush Limbaugh reports on this latest rumor.
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The February 22, 2012 Republican presidential debate. All Ron Paul style.
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The Republican candidates for president square off in Tampa, Fla., on January 23, 2012. Watch the entire debate here.
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Presidential candidate Ron Paul was defensive Wednesday when pressed about controversial newsletters in the 1980s and 1990s that were in his name.
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Ron Paul weighs in on Donald Trump, among other things, in a new interview with Fox News. Check it out.
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Dr. Ron Paul is an obstetrician, author, United States Congressman, and a candidate for the 2012 Republican Party presidential... More »
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Ronald Ernest Paul