Katy Perry has a thing for Rebecca Black. The latter makes a cameo here, which teases the official release of Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)."
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Rebecca Black and Jon D cover Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop" acoustically. This is really something else.
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Rebecca Black offers her reaction to her own song, 2 1/2 years after releasing it.
Rating: 4.3 / 5.0
Yup, Rebecca Black is back with a new single. It's titled "Saturday" because, come on, of course it is.
Rating: 4.1 / 5.0
Rebecca Black has come out with the music video for "Sing It." It's the young crooner's latest track and you should give it a listen now.
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Rebecca Black has unleashed a new music video on the world. Watch it now and react: What do you think?
Rating: 3.7 / 5.0
Rebecca Black has come out with a new single. What do you think of "Sing It?" Listen now!
Rating: 3.3 / 5.0
Rebecca Black responds to Internet haters. She certainly has a lot of them.
Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
Is Rebecca Black the next huge artist? Her official video for "Friday" has been viewed over five million times on YouTube.
Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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Rebecca Black shot to stardom in March of 2011 by releasing a song titled "Friday." It quickly earned millions of hits on YouTube, mostly... More »
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