Ray J is not sending lew texts to Malia Obama, and did not get threated by the President himself, he claims. Ray J went so far as to debunk the rumors on Instagram.
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Ray J and his manager react here to Kanye West using the artist's naked likeness in his new music video. You simply MUST hear hear what they have to say.
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Ray J was at Chris Brown's house when Baylee Curran accused Brown of pulling a gun on her. The musician felt compelled to speak out about the incident and defend his friend.
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Ray J and Princess Love are feuding over their little pooch, Boogati, and now Princess' enemy wants in on the dog fight.
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Ray J sings about hitting Kim Kardashian first in this amazing single. Listen now, folks!
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Ray J has come out with the official music video for "I Hit It First." It's positively hilarious.
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Ray J makes fun of Kanye West in this TMZ video. He also speaks out on a new sex tape.
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Singer Ray J was arrested in Beverly Hills Friday night for an alleged altercation with police.
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Ray J was arrested in May 2014 and eventually charged with 10 crimes. Among them? Sexual battery.
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Ray J really is coming to reality TV. Enjoy this must-see preview of VH1's new reality show, For the Love of Ray J.
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Princess Love claims she and Ray J are making peace purely for the sake of their dogs ... but it sure looks like more than that!
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Ray J opened up to a TMZ cameraman about the relationship between Tyga and Kylie Jenner. Like the rest of the world, he's not a fan.
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