What were you thinking, Prince?!? The iconic artist invited Kim Kardashian up on stage with him during a concert at Madison Square Garden.
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Prince surprised many by taking to the Billboard Music Awards stage. Watch him perform a medley of hits here.
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The audio recording of the 911 emergency dispatch call reporting Prince's untimely death has been released.
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Stacey Dash is in hot water again over comments she made while attempting to praise Prince in the wake of his death.
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Prince once hosted his very own show on Saturday Night Live. (NOTE: It's not actually Prince. We know. But still.)
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The Purple One had no love for Kimmy K. Video of Prince kicking the reality star off stage has resurfaced in the wake of his death, and the Internet is loving it.
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The Today Show tweeted an old video of Prince surprising Bryant Gumbel with a performance on his last day as the morning show co-anchor. Gumble's reaction was priceless.
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Jess and Nick freak out over meeting Prince in this amazing clip from New Girl. We'd have reacted the same way.
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Where does Prince get inspiration for his song? From anywhere, as he proves in this clip from Muppets Tonight.
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In this clip from The View in 2010, Prince stunned the studio audience when he walked out on stage. Watch them go absolutely crazy.
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Stevie Wonder can barely bring himself to talk about Prince in this video. Watch the iconic singer break down in tears.
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A snippet of Prince's new song "Breakfast Can Wait." It sounds like classic Prince.
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