A&E is suspending the Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after he made controversial comments about homosexuality during an interview with GQ Magazine.
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It looks like Phil Robertson's suspension from "Duck Dynasty" may be just for show. He will be back on the show to January.
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Phil Robertson is facing backlash after making homophobic remarks in a recent interview with GQ Magazine.
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Alan Robertson cracks some jokes about Phil Robertson and the recent Duck Dynasty controversy in his Sunday sermon.
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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is under fire for some eyebrow-raising comments about gays.
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Many residents of West Monroe, Louisiana are supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, after his controversial statements about gays and African Americans.
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A&E released a statement defending its decision to continue the show and supporting Phil Robertson, saying he had apologized for his comments.
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Will this Phil Robertson sermon from April 2014 bring the issue of his homophobic back to the forefront?
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Duck Dynasty star Alan Robertson defends his father Phil and his views on homosexuality.
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