Thomas George Paculis has agreed to a plea deal over charges that he attempted to extort $200,000 from Paula Deen.
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A judge threw out race discrimination claims by a former restaurant manager whose lawsuit against Paula Deen cost her a huge part of her culinary empire.
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Paula Deen appears here on The Today Show. She's acting a bit goofy, isn't she? Or maybe a bit drunk?
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Disgraced former Food Network star Paula Deen doesn't believe Dancing With the Stars - and back into America's living rooms - is the right move.
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Paula Deen Ventures has received an investment of between $75 million and $100 million from a private-equity company.
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Paula Deen is very sorry if she offended anyone with her latest social media photo. She swears she isn't racist!
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You can never unsee this video once you watch it, folks. The footage features Paula Deen getting her butt slapped.
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