Paris Hilton has reunited with Carl's Jr. She and model Hannah Ferguson star in this new sexy ad.
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Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne are here to tell you about some "Good Times." Lyrics: NSFW.
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December might be here, but Paris Hilton is miles away from the cold weather, yucking it up in a bikini in Dubai.
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Remember when Paris Hilton tried to be a singer? Refresh your memory, at your own peril, via this video of the single "Stars are Blind."
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Apparently, people still care about Paris Hilton. Here is a documentary about her life.
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Paris Hilton's latest video in her faux presidential campaign. Why she makes these, we can't say.
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Paris Hilton previews the second season of her show, My New BFF. The first new BFF evidently sucked.
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Paris Hilton went ballistic after a radio interview ... launching into an expletive-filled rant against the DJ who interviewed her ... while still on the line.
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Paris Hilton's brother is in a huge fight with Lindsay Lohan after she allegedly ordered the crap beat out of him.
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Amazingly, Paris Hilton actually has done drugs. Here's visual evidence.
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Paris Hilton has released a new song titled "Come Alive." We really wish this weren't true.
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Paris Hilton faked a VERY convincing orgasm at her cousin's bachelor party. Fortunately, the whole thing was caught on tape.
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Paris Hilton Biography

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Paris Hilton is a party host, bad actress, singer, model and painfully annoying skank based in Southern California. This former A-list... More »
New York, New York
Full Name
Paris Whitney Hilton

Paris Hilton Quotes

We want to stay together forever. I wouldn't do a Vegas [wedding]. I don't know where or when but I do want it to be romantic.

Paris Hilton [on Benji Madden]

He's my best friend. He's just different from any guy that I've ever been with. I just trust him completely, and I know that he'd be there for me, no matter what.

Paris Hilton [on Benji Madden]