Snooki shared her new boobs with the worls today. Yes, she may have calmed down a bit over the years, but her latest YouTube video reminds us there's still some Jersey Shore in the mother of two.
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A classic scene from the first season of Jersey Shore. Snooki gets her clock cleaned in the bar by Brad Ferro.
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Snooki got Botox for the first time, and invited fans to watch the painful procedure. The reality star shared the whole thing on Snapchat.
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Snooki tried to defend JWoww's gothic look at the MTV VMas, explaining that her bestie needed to smile a bit more, despite looking incredible.
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Deena and Snooki ingest each other's faces in a legendary clip from Jersey Shore.
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Snooki shows off her Dancing skills on DWTS' Week 3. Check her out!
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi & Sasha Farber dance the Jive in Week 4 of Dancing With the Stars.
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Season 17 of “Dancing With The Stars” saw its most shocking elimination yet when Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi got the boot.
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Snooki has been eliminated on Dancing With the Stars, and she's not at all shy about her disappointment.
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Snooki from Jersey Shore tells us all about how she would change the world. Woo hoo.
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The trailer for Snooki & JWoww Season 4 is here! Check it out now!
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Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi ties the knot in an elaborate ceremony and shares her special moment.
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