Nick Jonas goes all One Direction on us in this video. It was taken in between Broadway performances for the actor/singer.
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Nick Jonas testifies at a U.S. Senate hearing on living with diabetes. He even quotes a Jonas Brothers song. Amazing.
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Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas teamed up for a rendition of "Before the Storm" at a Dallas concert in 2009. As you can tell, the crowd went crazy for them.
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Nick Jonas has finally spoken out on good friend Demi Lovato. He said he wishes this singer nothing but the best.
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Miley joins Nick on stage at New Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. 'Tweens everywhere freaked. Out.
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What is Selena Gomez doing on Nick Jonas' tour bus?!? That's a question fans will likely debate for a long time.
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Is Nick Jonas paying tribute to Rebecca Black or mocking her? Either way, he's singing "Friday" during this concert clip
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Larry King talks to Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas about high school, music and more. What a hunk ... those Jonas Bros. aren't bad either!
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Nick Jonas is part of the wildly successful group, The Jonas Brothers. The 17-year old was rumored to be dating Miley Cyrus. That was... More »
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