In this interview, Michaele Salahi describes how she was "berated" by Whoopi Goldberg. The incident took place backstage, following the former's appearance on The View.
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In this interview, Michaele Salahi discusses the disease Multiple Sclerosis. She has been battling it for almost two decades now, as symptoms have grown worse.
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Yes, Michaele Salahi really is coming out with a single. It's title "Bump It" and you can listen to a snippet of it here.
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A portion of the interview in which Tareq Salahi unloads on Michaele. Class people.
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Watch Journey ax man Neal Schon serenade his adulterous lover Michaele Salahi on her birthday. It is so damn poignant.
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Michaele Salahi Biography

Tareq and Michaele Salahi
Michaele Salahi seems like a total waste of space. She stars on The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. She first rose to fame when she... More »
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Michaele Salahi