Megyn Kelly cannot keep a straight face while discussing Donald Trump in this Fox News segment. What made her laugh hysterically? Watch to find out!
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Donald Trump may has gone off on Megyn Kelly. But you won't believe what the Presidential candidate actually said about the Fox News anchor this time.
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Megyn Kelly didn't back down in this interview with Donald Trump. She called him out for a series of Tweets and she basically asked him: Why should anyone vote you President?!?
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Donald Trump is not backing down from his comments regarding Megyn Kelly. But the Republican candidate for President also says he cherishes her gender.
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OOPS! Megyn Kelly drops the F bomb while introducing former Governor Mike Huckabee in this clip from Fox News.
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Sean Hannity are Megyn Kelly are feuding on Fox News. See what the former had to say about the latter here.
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Tomorrow night, Megyn Kelly's interview with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar will air on Fox News. Here, the journalist tells viewers what to expect
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Kim Kardashian has responded to Megyn Kelly sort of dissing her. The reality star claims to not have any idea who the Fox News anchor is.
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Megyn Kelly has spoken out for the first time about all the insults Donald Trump has hurled her way. Watch and listen to her response here.
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