LeBron James' two sons throw it DOWN in this awesome clip that the proud papa posted online.
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The Miami Heat do the Harlem Shake. Pretty hilarious.
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LeBron James destroys Jason Terry in this clip fro the Heat vs. Celtics game. Watch now!
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Dear LeBron James: Please enter the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Please? Pretty, pretty please?
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LeBron James throws an alley-oop to himself off the glass ... obviously.
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Did LeBron James cheat on his fiancee with Carmen Ortega? The basketball superstar has denied this allegation.
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LeBron James celebrates his first-ever NBA title in this video... by rapping alongside LMFAO. Can you blame the guy?
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OOPS! LeBron James broke royal protocol when he met Kate Middleton and put his arm around her. Watch the footage now.
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