Kristen Stewart stars in The Runaways. Check out a brief trailer for the film right here and now.
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Kristen Stewart is rarely comfortable on camera. But what her handle this Comic-Con interview pretty well.
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K-Stew and Hoult do the Ice Bucket Challenge. These two are totally banging.
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Joan Rivers new book was released Tuesday, and includes jokes about Kristen Stewart sleeping her way to the top and Pharell’s famous funky hat.
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What do you think of Kristen Stewart's orange hair? We break down the shocking change here.
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Kristen Stewart stars in this clip from The Yellow Handkerchief. What do you think of her attempt at a southern accent?
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We're behind the scenes with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in this video. While viewers watch Lautner film New Moon scenes, he and Kristen compare him and his character in the film, Jacob Black.
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This video is a bit dark, but trust us: that's Kristen Stewart and that's also Robert Pattinson. They caused quite an uproar when they surprised Eclipse fans at a movie screening in Los Angeles.
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Kristen Stewart Biography

Kristen Stewart Red Carpet Pose
Kristen Stewart is young, beautiful actress. She's making a huge name for herself by starring in the movie version of the best-selling... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Kristen Jaymes Stewart