Aside from allowing Kim to move back into her home while she's pregnant, Kris also contends with Bruce's mother coming to visit on Keeping Up.
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It's Kris Jenner versus Barack Obama! The talk show host has responded to the President's slight slamming of her daughter, Kim Kardashian.
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Kris and Bruce Jenner do not share the same house. Khloe Kardashian admitted this during an appearance on The Tonight Show.
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Are Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik dating? The rumors will not quit with these two.
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Kris Jenner apologizes for the behavior of her husband during this talk show appearance. Watch her in annoying action now.
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Kris Jenner can work a pole like no one's business. And we don't mean Ben Flajnik's.
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Kris and Bruce Jenner have confirmed that they are separated after 22 years of marriage.
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Kris Jenner thinks a group of pranksters are trying to destroy her family. We think the fame might be making her paranoid.
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