Kris Jenner apologizes for the behavior of her husband during this talk show appearance. Watch her in annoying action now.
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Kris Jenner thinks a group of pranksters are trying to destroy her family. We think the fame might be making her paranoid.
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See, Kris Jenner totally gets along well with her stepchildren! She aims to prove that via this Twitter photo.
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This week on Keeping Up, Kim moved into Kris’ house before baby North West’s arrival, and it proved problematic.
Rating: 3.9 / 5.0
Kris Jenner believes Khloe Kardashian should divorce Lamar Odom. Do you agree?
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Kendall and Kris Jenner danced seductively for a new Love magazine video. To make matters weirder, Kendall was in her underwear.
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The reason for Kris Jenner’s recent hospital visit has been revealed to be due to a fainting incident caused by stomach cramps.
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Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik have been seen together again. But it's not romantic, he swears.
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