Watch Kris Humphries slam one home in this clip. No, we aren't talking about any homemade video with Kim Kardashian.
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Boo him all you want, folks. Kris Humphries didn't care during his first NBA game after splitting from Kim Kardashian: he dropped 21 and 16 on Washington.
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Kris Humphries takes to the court in this video for the first time since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Listen to the reaction of fan at Madison Square Garden.
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Ready to go inside Kim Kardashian's wedding? This E! News video lets us check out Kim in her dress, along with other key details.
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Kris Humphries and Rajon Rondo get into it along with their Nets and Celtics teammates in this NBA fight. Watch now!
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Did Kris Humphries give Kayla Goldberg herpes? Amazingly this is a legal dispute.
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Who knew Kris Humphries could be funny? Or at least a skit about Kris Humphries could be funny? Watch now!
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The drama will be more intense than ever on season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Watch these sneak peeks now!!!
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