Kirk Cameron on Piers Morgan tonight in March 2012. He's not a fan of gay marriage, or homosexuality in general for that matter.
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Kirk Cameron talks about the sanctity of marriage in a new video. Watch it here and see if you agree with his statements.
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Kirk Cameron's trailer for Unstoppable is back on YouTube and social media after an initial ban.
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The Duggars from 18 Kids and Counting meet Kirk Cameron. Now that the show is 19 Kids and Counting, he's reappearing on the program!
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Kirk Cameron is your host for how You Can Help Defend Religious Freedom.
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Kirk Cameron appears on the Today Show March 20, 2012. He denies that he hates gay people, or any people for that matter.
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Kirk Cameron says this video of him proclaiming that he hates f-gs is taken out of context and being reposted by haters.
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