Kevin Federline's first and only music video from his first and only rap album. Featuring a cameo by Spencer Pratt!
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Britney Spears has revealed her worst career move of all time. You may be surprised by what she says it is.
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Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince are expecting another baby. Shocking, we realize.
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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reunited on Saturday, Oct. 26, to watch their son play soccer.
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If you haven't thought about watching Kevin Federline on One Tree Hill ... we don't blame you. But this 40-second clip is definitely worth viewing, trust us.
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Kevin Federline performs "Lose Control" at the Teen Choice Awards. The former Mr. Britney Spears peaked with this performance ... his first.
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What can we say... Saturday Night Live star Andy Samberg has Kevin Federline down to a science. Even if he is a little Jewish guy.
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Kevin Federline is awesome. He rocks. At least as his One Tree Hill guest character. Get down, K-Fed. Get down!
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Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline weds longtime girlfriend Victoria Prince.
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Kevin Federline Biography

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Yo, it's Kevin Federline, yo. Werrrrrd. He's a deadbeat with no redeeming worth whatsoever, but yo, Federleezy is extremely fertile,... More »
Fresno, California
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Kevin Earl Federline