Kendra Wilkinson admits that she cheated on Hugh Hefner during her time in the Playboy Mansion: Watch!
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In this clip from Kendra On Top, Kendra Wilkinson accuses Holly Madison of totally lying about her in the memoir she wrote, and now she wants to settle the score.
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Kendra Wilkinson is never one to mince words. Especially when it comes to royal threesomes she would love to have in an ideal fantasy world.
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Kendra Wilkinson gets some Playboy bunny friends together to shoot a racy video for Hugh Hefner's birthday. It's a real scene, man.
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Hooray for Kendra Wilkinson! This former reality star is expecting her second child with Hank Baskett.
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Kendra Wilkinson talks eating, pooping, sex and other things that make pregnancy so real.
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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett find out how well they know one another. This is entertaining stuff.
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Kendra Wilkinson has denied reports that she and Hank Baskett are headed for a breakup. Will this couple really make it?
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Kendra Wilkinson doesn't want you to purchase her sex tape. At least that's what she claims in this video. In reality? She'll make millions if you do.
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Will Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson survive the former's infidelity? Their marriage is on the rocks.
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Kendra Wilkinson gives birth to her second child! Congratulations!!
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Kendra Wilkinson is opening up about her pregnancy and enlarged vagina, etc.
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Kendra Wilkinson Biography

The Girls Next Door
Kendra Wilkinson was a star on The Girls Next Door. But she left that show, along with Hugh Hefner, in 2008. From there, Kendra met and... More »
San Diego, California
Full Name
Kendra Leigh Wilkinson