Kendra Wilkinson opens this clip from her reality show by making a simple statement. "We need sex," she tells her husband.
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Zhora Tillett, Ava London's best friend, tells her side of what happened that infamous night with Hank Baskett.
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Kendra Wilkinson is turnign 30 years old in this clip from her reality show. And she's "horny and lonely" while partying with many men.
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Just when it seemed like Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett had finally moved on, the drama returns tonight on Kendra on Top. Who are we kidding, that was inevitable.
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Holly Madison's new book Down the Rabbit Hole received some serious backlash from Kendra Wilkinson and Hugh Hefner. What does she have to say about that?
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Kendra Wilkinson's mother Patti Wilkinson gives an interview and bashes her pretty good.
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Hooray for Kendra Wilkinson! This former reality star is expecting her second child with Hank Baskett.
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In this video, Kendra Wilkinson says she's "embarrassed" about her sex tape. That must be why she's talking about it so much in public, right?
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Kendra Wilkinson Biography

The Girls Next Door
Kendra Wilkinson was a star on The Girls Next Door. But she left that show, along with Hugh Hefner, in 2008. From there, Kendra met and... More »
San Diego, California
Full Name
Kendra Leigh Wilkinson