Soak it in, Kelly Ripa. The host returned to Live! and addressed the situation with Michael Strahan on April 26, 2016.
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Michael Strahan says he is very "excited" for Kelly Ripa to rejoin him as co-host of Live!. But do you believe him?
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Justin Bieber has a crush on Kelly Ripa. In response, the talk show host says Bieber needs some serious help.
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WHOA! Is that really you, Kelly Ripa?!? Watch the talk show host shock her colleague with her hair transformation in this video.
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Michael Strahan is set to star in Magic Mike 2! The NFL legend made the announcement today on Live! With kelly and Michael.
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Kylie talks about her mom's reaction to her blue hair. Turns out Kris really doesn't like it!
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Well... this was awkward. Watch Kelly Ripa bring up Michael Strahan's divorce, with Strahan clearly having no idea she was going to do so.
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