Kelly Clarkson will soon get married. And then soon after that, she wants to get pregnant!
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Kelly Clarkson has released the official music video for "People Like Us." Check it out here and now.
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Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift in this video. Watch her rendition of "Shake It Off."
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Kelly Clarkson belts out a version of "Call Me Maybe" in this video. Seriously, how awesome is the original American Idol?!?
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Kelly Clarkson sits down here with Today. The main topic of the Q&A? Her pregnancy.
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This is amazing. Watch and listen as Kelly Clarkson covers Eminem's classic track from 8 Mile during a concert in Michigan.
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Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill team up here at the Country Music Awards. They are singing "Don't Rush."
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Kelly Clarkson celebrates weddings in her music video for "Tie It Up." Watch now.
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Kelly Clarkson does her best impression of TLC in this fun video. She's covering the group's classic "No Scrubs."
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YAY! Kelly Clarkson is pregnant! We're so very happy for the singer.
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We adore Kelly Clarkson! This is the singer's official music video for "Catch My Breath."
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Kelly Clarkson gives an interview at the Live Earth concert. This American Idol is one of our favorite stars.
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