Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry make out in concert. This is pretty much the best moment.
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Katy Perry may have suffered an epic wardrobe malfunction at a water park recently, but at least it netted her a season pass from the establishment.
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Katy Perry performs "Dark Horse" with an assist from Juicy J at the 2014 Grammy Awards.
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Vin Diesel dances to Katy Perry's new hit single "Dark Horse." Because obviously.
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A clip of Katy Perry from The Simpsons last night. Check out our girl in all her live-action glory.
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This is pretty awesome: Darren Criss and Katy Perry came together to sing "Teenage Dream" at a Hollywood benefit in December 2010. Check it out now.
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Katy Perry spoofs herself, and Sesame Street's banning of her segment, on this SNL sketch. Pretty funny.
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Katy Perry comes to How I Met Your Mother next week. Here are three different ad spots for her guest appearance.
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Katy Perry performs live at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Watch the "Firework" fly and tell us if you think she's any good.
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Katy Perry kicks off her California Dreams tour in Lisbon, Portugal. If this rendition of "Teenage Dream" is any indicator of how it went, the show ruled.
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Katy Perry isn't just singing "Firework" in this video. She's doing it as part of a Salute the Troops concert. Causes don't get any more important than that.
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Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is a huge seller. Here's the title track to this awesome record.
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