Katy Perry joined many other acts in honoring The Beatles for a CBS special. Watch her sing "Yesterday" here.
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John Mayer opens up about the many female artists who have dissed him in song. He should really stop dating singers.
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Britney Spears blew everyone away during her Vegas debut last night ... everyone, but Katy Perry.
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Katy Perry posted a video from a recent trip to a water park. As you may have expected, it features her boobs.
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John Mayer's new single "Who You Love" featuring his girlfriend Katy Perry.
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In a teaser for her upcoming 'Birthday' music video, Katy Perry has pulled out all the stops-and all the wigs- to become some of the World's Worst Birthday Party Entertainers!
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Katy Perry Uncensored from 2001. Watch her interview, documentary footage, unseen until now, along with her raw talent.
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Katy Perry and Diplo are apparently dating. That comes as a surprise and yet not.
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