Katrina Darrell has earned the nickname "Bikini Girl" following her scantily-clad audition for season eight of American Idol. Here's video evidence that the model has posed in her bathing suit before. The horror!
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In this video, courtesy of night two in Hollywood, Katrina Darrell acts like a bitch to her teammates, while Tatiana Del Toro just acts flat out crazy. Watch and enjoy!
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This was unexpected. Kara DioGuardi and Katrina Darrell sang a duet during the two-hour finale of American Idol's eighth season.
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Katrina Darrell Biography

Bikini Girl
Katrina Darrell is gonna enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. This part-time model auditioned for season eight of American Idol... in a bikini!... More »
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Katrina Darrell