Kathy Griffin took off her clothes for Anderson Cooper. Now she's doing it for David Letterman as well.
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Kathy Griffin has accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. And she's done it naked.
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Kathy Griffin describes meeting Michele Bachmann recently. You can imagine how that went. Not well.
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Kathy Griffin pledges her love to Justin Bieber in this video. She believes the singer is "all the way beautiful."
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Kathy Griffin made headlines on New Year's Eve by stripping down to her bra and panties. Watch Anderson Cooper react to the move in this video.
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Kathy Griffin cracks a joke here at the expense of Demi Lovato. Does the comedian go too far with it?
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This was awkward for all who watched. In this New Year's Eve clip, Kathy Griffin pretends to go down on Anderson Cooper.
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Is Kathy Griffin sorry for simulating Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve? She responds to that question here.
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Kathy Griffin has made a career out of mocking other celebrities. She's a comedian that created the Emmy-winning show Kathy Griffin: My... More »
Oak Park, Illinois
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Kathy Griffin