Jon Gosselin tells Steve Harvey that he only "gets what he gets" regarding time with his children - and what he gets ain't much.
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Jon Gosselin made some shocking revelaions during a recent interview with Steve Harvey. The former reality star says the TLC network tried to force him to stay married to Kate Gosselin.
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Kate Gosselin discusses the new season of Kate Plus 8 in an interview on Today, December 2015. We can't believe how the kids have grown.
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Kate Gosselin and ex-husband Jon reunited for a yard sale recently, and suffice it to say this was awkward.
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A sneak preview of Jon and Kate Gosselin's big divorce episode June 22! Awesome! Bet the kids are really excited!
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Jon and Kate Gosselin officially split up this week, and in these clips from last night's show, they talk about what life holds for them now. For Jon, that means no more Kate. Woo!
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During this couch interview, Kate Gosselin speaks on how tough life can be in the spotlight. Don't you just feel awful for the reality star and mother of eight?
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Kate Gosselin is seeking a new man. One who does not mind insane stretch marks.
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This episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 could be the most special yet. And by special we mean depressing.
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Kate Gosselin is back with a vengeance, rocking her bikini body hard. Jon Gosselin? He is still a tool.
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Jon and Kate Gosselin reflect on their separation. It's painful, yet funny in a way.
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The preview for TLC's special Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode, celebrating the couple's 10 years of marriage. For some reason.
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Proof of Cheating
Kate Gosselin is a reality TV star with eight children and a famous, annoying ex-husband. She and Jon Gosselin were at the center of Jon... More »
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