Brooke White and Justin Gaston on American Idol? This unusual duet actually put on a solid performance.
Look out, singing world: Justin Gaston is coming! This single, "Paper Hearts," was supposedly written in honor of Miley Cyus.
Justin Gaston talks about his rising fame in this interview. What's it like being a hot model, dating a teen sensation, Justin?
Vote on this Justin Gaston now. What do you think of his version of Drops of Jupiter?
Here's another clip of Justin Gaston from Nashville Star. He's signing the radio hit Hey There, Delilah.
Here's a performance by Justin Gaston on Nashville Star. He's rumored to be Miley Cyrus' new boy toy. She has good taste.

Justin Gaston Biography

A Male Model
Justin Gaston was a finalist on Nashville Star. He's also a 20-year old underwear model who dated Miley Cyrus for awhile until the pair... More »
Full Name
Justin Gaston

Justin Gaston Quotes

It's not my number one priority, it's music. If something comes along, I'll definitely take it up. I'm not going to pass up a job, but that's not my number one priority right now.

Justin Gaston [on modeling]

Well, I took away all of the hard work that there really is in this business and all of the competition that's out there, and things like that. And since there is so much competition, you can never let up, - 110% all of the time. I really got to see the joy of singing in front of all of America. It's just such a great experience I had.

Justin Gaston [on Nashville Star]