Selena Gomez returned from a trip to Paris in a very bad mood. This is apparently why: she thought Justin Bieber was going to propose to her.
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Justin Bieber has some serious skateboarding moves! As you can see here, he also has a very nice body.
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Justin Bieber and Playboy model Xenia Deli look VERY cozy in this video. Might they be a romantic item?
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Justin Bieber has new music coming out. When will his next single drop? Find out now!
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Justin Bieber stunned fans at the HARD Summer Festival over the weekend. Watch him break out some serious dance moves here.
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You won't believe what Justin Bieber did during an appearance on Knock Knock Live. Check this video out and give the singer an ovation.
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Justin Bieber scored an impressive goal during a hockey game recently. Watch the singer show off his uniquely Canadian skills.
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Justin Bieber is back with his homey Lil Twist. No good can come of this.
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Justin Bieber Biography

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Justin Bieber is a young, wildly popular singer. He dominated the music world in 2010, earning the most YouTube videos AND becoming the... More »
Ontario, Canada
Full Name
Justin Bieber