Justin Bieber nude photos have somehow surfaced online. Watch this report to learn why he was serenading his grandmother in the buff.
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This is a very old video of Justin Bieber. In it, the artist tells a racist joke, lowlighted by a very racist term.
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Justin Bieber released a statement apologizing for his racist joke in a recently leaked video from when the singer was 15.
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Justin Bieber stopped his Rolls Royce to hit on a model today. As you may guessed, she was pretty into it.
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Justin Bieber is doing just fine. But he's upset about a car accident caused by the paparazzi.
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Justin Bieber teams up with Future for this song. Listen now to "What's Hatnin."
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Justin Bieber would like some space while he walks in Cannes. We can't really blame the guy.
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Audio of a 911 call made by Michael Munoz. Munoz alleges he was attacked by one of Justin Bieber's bodyguards.
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Justin Bieber is a young, wildly popular singer. He dominated the music world in 2010, earning the most YouTube videos AND becoming the... More »
Ontario, Canada
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Justin Bieber