SNL brought back The Ambiguously Gay Duo on the May 14, 2011 episode of the long-running show. Take a look now at Jon Hamm... in tights!
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Jon Hamm offers a few teenage girls in this great video. Among the actor's many words of wisdom: hey, everybody farts.
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Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm photobomb people in NYC. It's great.
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Jon Hamm and the cast of Mad Men are asked here about season five of the AMC hit... and Kim Kardashian. Watch the interview now.
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Jon Hamm appears here for a Sesame Street sketch. And, no shocker to anyone familiar with the actor, he kills it.
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Jon Hamm once again proves his awesomeness in this video. He laughs off his dating game show experience in a chat with Craig Ferguson.
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Jon Hamm on a dating show in the 1990s. He wasn't always as smooth as Don Draper.
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Jon Hamm has been spending a lot of time with co-star Elisabeth Moss. Could they be dating?
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