Joan Rivers has a strong take on Alec Baldwin. She expresses it here via some very strong language.
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Rivers giving her candid opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We think it's safe to say she's pro-Israel.
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Joan Rivers takes a shot at some of our fave celebs in her new up-coming memoir.
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Joan Rivers made us laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, for so many years.
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Joan Rivers isn't a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. She goes off on the actress during this Watch What Happens Live clip.
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Take this, Joan Rivers! David Letterman jokingly walks out on the comedian in this clip.
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Joan Rivers new book was released Tuesday, and includes jokes about Kristen Stewart sleeping her way to the top and Pharell’s famous funky hat.
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Joan Rivers is at it again. The controversial comic recently called Barack Obama gay and used a transphobic slur to describe his wife.
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Joan Rivers is out of here! Watch her leave a CNN interview early after clashing with the anchor.
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Jon Rivers mocks Angelina Jolie's Oscar pose on E!'s Fashion Police. She does not hold back.
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Joan Rivers calls Kim Kardashian's baby ugly. Pretty much the definition of a low blow.
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Joan appeared on WWHL last night. Despite being on Bravo, she didn't hold back when it came to the Real Housewives.
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