Okay, CBS. We'll watch The Ghost Whisperer, especially if Jennifer Love Hewitt keeps stripping on stage.
Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
Jennifer Love Hewitt is firmely entrenched on Team Edward. The actress talks about why in this interview with Wendy Williams. The story is actually pretty funny.
Rating: 4.3 / 5.0
Jennifer Love Hewitt teases season two of The Client List in this video. While also teasing men everywhere.
Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
Jennifer Love Hewitt writhes around and strips down in this single, which is meant to hype her new series on Lifetime, The Client List. It works well.
Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
Fast forward to the 2:30 minute mark of this video. During the interview, Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about bedazzling her vagina. We're not making this up.
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Jennifer Love Hewitt is a mom ... and married to Brian Hallisay! Congratulations, JLH!
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
The second part of Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Jennifer Love Hewitt on April 18, 2012. The topic? Billboards for The Client List showing her cleavage.
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0
Jennifer Love Hewitt rocks new bangs and, of course, a baby bump in the red carpet in this video. What do you think of her look?
Rating: 3.8 / 5.0
Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about sending a bed to Matt Damon. Yeah, she really did that.
Rating: 2.0 / 5.0
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay are new parents. They welcomed their first child together and got married!
Rating: Unrated
Jennifer Love Hewitt is all covered up for this Ellen appearance. That's quite the change from last time she was a guest on the show.
Rating: Unrated

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