Snooki and JWoww dish on their spinoff to Us Weekly.
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JWoww says she will not be having sex for awhile after giving birth. A WHILE.
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Poor JWoww had a pregnancy scare. Fortunately it looks like she will be alright, as will her baby.
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Snooki shared her new boobs with the worls today. Yes, she may have calmed down a bit over the years, but her latest YouTube video reminds us there's still some Jersey Shore in the mother of two.
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Snooki tried to defend JWoww's gothic look at the MTV VMas, explaining that her bestie needed to smile a bit more, despite looking incredible.
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Snooki and JWOWW are back with a new series, 'Moms with Attitude,' premiering on Awestruck, a network for millenial moms. The series will follow both mothers as they grow into their new roles as mothers.
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The trailer for Snooki & JWoww Season 4 is here! Check it out now!
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After seeing a story that TMZ ran, Jenni Farley took to social media to blast the celeb gossip site and all haters.
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JWoww used a word that she not be used and she used it in reference to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
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