The 911 call placed when Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were at each other's throats earlier this year.
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Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend were pulled over by police, and you won't believe what she told the cops!
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Jenelle Evans got into a pretty heated argument during her engagement trip with Nathan Griffith. Watch it here.
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Will Jenelle Evans go to jail over this fight with Britany Truett? It's certainly a possibility.
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Jenelle Evans really wants you to look at her fake boobs. Like a lot.
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Jenelle Evans throws down with her roommate and her boyfriend on the January 24, 2012 episode of Teen Mom 2.
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Some of the top moments from Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2. And by top we mean bottom.
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Jenelle Evans is a big fan of Ke$ha. Watch her rock out to the singer's "TIK TOK" right here.
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